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Hi friends and welcome back to our website. Today I want to talk about the new iPhone 8 that will be released next month. iPhone 8 is one of the most anticipated smartphones in 2017, and below we compiled the most important information about it before the official release.

Because it’s been a while since the first information on the future of iPhone 8 was written on this page, it’s worthwhile reviewing all the news we’ve learned so far.

Not only can the star of the new phone be the screen it will have. Apple made the decision to align the trend with phones with edgeless screens, and the iPhone 8 will be the first in the series to come with such a generous display. Moreover, the phone will have an OLED panel, which is superior to the LCDs used so far. The side edges will be non-existent, the screen curving on the side of the phone, and in the top and bottom parts we have fairly small edges. At the bottom, the classic phone button will not appear, and the Touch ID might move to the back. Touch ID might even completely disappear if Apple can manage a secure unlocking system with facial recognition.

iphone 8 latest news

From the pictures we’ve seen so far with the phone, whether we’re talking about renderings, concepts or even real images of a model, we notice that the screen goes pretty much up the top, basically surrounding the sensors on the side Face and camera. There has been speculation that a “band” could be created in this upper area where some static notifications, such as battery level, might be displayed. Speaking of battery, we should also mention that iPhone 8 should come equipped with wireless charging technology.

The new iPhone 8 smartphone could include an exciting innovation. Innovation, presented on iDropNews sources, involves replacing the action area of the classic buttons at the bottom of the screen with a multifunctional interface, similar to the Touch Bar on the Macbook Pro.

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